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Through years of experience and a network of reliable, professional partners, Eyris Media offers a wide range of media services.

Cinema commercials

With a commercial on the big screen you grab the attention of potential customers within a few seconds, with the help of fascinating pictures.

Event videos

Let a video documentation of your event bring it to life again and again. Visitors, employees and business partners will be able to relive the most beautiful and exciting moments from your event. 

Our videos are also a fantastic opportunity to bring your company to the attention of potential new customers.

Videos for web & social media appearances

The first point of contact with potential customers is often your own homepage, or your presence on social media platforms.

We create modern, engaging and inspiring video content that will quickly and easily spark interest and desire for your product, service or company.

Image movie & product videos

With image films and product videos, you do more than just showcase your product – you create an experience for your customers, and you have the opportunity to present your company quickly, simply and authentically.

You can also greatly enhance your trade fair appearances with the help of high-quality videos, animations or presentations, setting your business apart from the rest.

Aerial imagery

Experience new perspectives, indoor or outdoor. 

State-of-the-art drones capture spectacular images that will captivate every viewer. This is the only technique which visualizes complex structures and depicts buildings, landscapes and infrastructures to their full extent.

Electronic reporting

With fun at work, the necessary know-how, many years of experience and the right technology, Eyris Media is the perfect choice as your partner in electronic reporting.

An experienced camera team is ready to capture the perfect pictures and to tell the desired stories – no matter if for documentation, reportage, a TV-show or news reports.

No limits for your visions and dreams.

Eyris Media

Mario Knab
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